Local Accommodation for Birds


The project Local Accommodation for Birds is one of the winners of the Participative Budget Portugal 2018. The main goal is the promotion of nesting sites for birds in the Algarve region.


Stimulate interest and provide a more direct contact of society in relation to birds.

Encourage more birds to settle in urban areas.

To promote and highlight the important role of birds in controlling biological pests.

Intended Audience

The general population and various local and regional actors, such as the Algarve Municipalities, private entities, farmers, forestry producers and schools.


Free distribution and installation of nest boxes for different groups of urban birds, such as passerines and medium-sized birds of prey.

Maintenance and monitoring of the nest boxes, with live transmission of images obtained through an online platform for public access.

Environmental awareness actions among the general population and all the project’s adherents.


Two years (2020 – 2022)