Project Brama


Bramar {portuguese verb} = roar, howl

Project Brama is a learning platform, sharing information through several pathways.

Despite arising within an Environmental Conservation association, the scope of the Project being broader, disclosing topics related to different areas of knowledge.

Encouraging critical thinking and providing citizens with tools to enable them to make informed decisions – this is Brama.


The objective of Project Brama is to communicate Science and Culture in a simple informal, but rigorous way, promoting meetings between those who know and those who want to know more.

We believe that knowledge sharing is easier when available to the entire population. So our effort is to make apparently complex topics accessible to anyone, in order to promote a more enlightened social conscience and to be able to look at our world through different perspectives.

Our commitment is to educate, clarify and stimulate an informed critical thinking, assuming that there are no barriers when a desire to learn and teach is present. 


Why? To facilitate understanding and contact with areas of knowledge within Science and Culture, enlightening citizens in favor of a more informed social awareness.

How? Through awareness and training actions, workshops and gatherings in public spaces.

For whom? General public, especially those who have less or difficult contact with similar initiatives.


Environmental education in an academic context 

Interpretative nature walks (complementing the class sessions)

Social gatherings / informal discussions with specialists of specific topics, in non-institutional places (bars, galleries, recreation clubs, etc.)

Training activities / Courses / Workshops